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Here's were I keep all of my artwork just to let you guys see! hope you enjoy them :]


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and here's were I keep my favorite artwork whenever I'm enjoying that artwork. btw no need to thank me for the favorite's. your welcome :]


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now iv been dying to have a pm so much and im all like hey! why not make a donation. don't be shy. donate for my pm! or you can donate for support :]

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once you have 40 points i can make a muro drawing for you! 
once you have 30 points a can make a sprite for you! 
ms paint
once you have 20 points i could make a drawing for you on ms paint! 
do u want a logo then you can,that will be 10 points! 



well guy's, the deadmau5Nstuff page is longer gonna be my account no more. this one gets me bored alot and not know what to upload. il have this as my backup account if anything happens to the new one.
thanks again,fuck the old account, and have a good day.
Hello Old and New Beautiful Friends, i'v always wanted to do this and now were doing it. were going to start a mini reunion in the chat room so that we can get together. + we might do RP'S too!…


Number 1: Please Don't Be disrespectful in the chatroom (if there's going to be a argument either il end the chat or kick you guys out)

Number 2: if you need to leave the chatroom please, fell free to say so (but if your computer,phone, or whatever device your using turns off by itself or having really slow internet,then just explain in the comments before entering and il accept it.)

Number 3:The Roleplay's that will not be chat is no undertale, fnaf,eddsworld,mlp or other fandoms that i won't do. (a anime rp would be ok i guess.)

Number 4:The Chat Starts and Ends at 10:30 AM - 2:00 PM PST

Number 5:If you wish to discuss about something new in the chat, our limit will have 30 minutes so you'll have your turn to talk about whatever you want!

Number 6:This is very important,let's not talk about politics in the chatroom,it's gonna trigger some friends of mine that are going to be in the chatroom

Number 7: Lets have fun (what i mean fun, i mean lets get this started!)

EXTRA:If your gonna Cuss Just say it when a rare time. 
so, im back i guess. and this time im just gonna stay put that, im starting to get what i want back. i made a bit of a promise that i would come back to deviant art so, here i am c:
Ok so I'm not done with dA yet cause il spend a Lil time more, I'm really scared to do this but I think it's time to do this because I wanna get through with this today so ,il go ahead and start normaly, hello. My name is Art Ramos,but you better known me as deadmau5Nstuff. I am 15 years old and I'm straight. I am in love drawing pictures and that's the only thing that spreads me positivity! Now I've doing DeviantArt since 4 or 5 years and this site is the only websites that can share a bunch of art and make everyone inspired. And here's how things get 2012, I was 10 or 11 years...and I was looking up some cool Disney fan arts because I like drawing one of them. And then I saw some images of them and then in started to continue searching more pictures and  I'm like, who is this guy and why is he's art so awesome! And I think you know him,and his name was super Marcus, better known as ozzyguy! I was inspired by him and so on, I literally wanted to join DeviantArt because of this guy, so I used my one year old email account to join DeviantArt and literally got started drawing, so on I begin to become good drawing even more. I started to follow Marcus so I can be more inspired, then the next day came by and I saw that he followed me back, I got really excited a lot and was in joy of happiness, so I began to talk to him and all and he's actually a nice person to talk too! I don't think I remember this but I started to follow his friends because their art was also amazing. Then 2013 came by and it was fresh year to start more drawings,so I'm in the DeviantArt page and I saw some picture that was some sonic sprite with some oc's that were really cool, so I favorited it and I refuse to say who it was because I'm to uncomfortable to get expose by her so, will call her E instead, so E commented thank you for the favorite and I told her no problem and then we keep replying to each other and so on we become friends and Notice that she  and back in 2012 I recently liked deadmau5 a lot, so i ask for the request and she did it, and It looked really cool and that's how my first sonic oc was here! (You can thank her for that later) so I begin to do other cool stuff on DeviantArt just for fun. Then I saw her journal saying that she had a chat stream or something, so joined in and it was her and her fiends and they begin to talk to me more, and I got happy to get a lot of friends to! so we shared pictures of our drawings,rping our oc to each other it was really cool! Then when I heard this thing called sprite and I'm like...the drink? So I began to research it and it was 8 bit designs for videos games and I'm like wow that's actually cool,so I began to do my own turns out it was kinda shitty either way,lol,but at least I tried.then I got introduced to a new artist but I'm not gonna say who it was like I said,will call her T then.E texted me saying that she was also a deadmau5 and sonic fan too, and we finally meet each other! She was actually kind to talk to me and all and I was really happy to make a new friend! Later on then I saw one scratch drawing from E and I began to mess with her saying that you need some drawing lessons n all and she got triggered and blocked me. So I went to her ex which he's kind of a dick, so il call him B, before B and I were pretty chill with each other and we talked a lil bit, and then I was so fucking stupid that I began to force B to tell her that I'm sorry,then drama started between me and B.tbh I was so fucking immature that I started to yell and bang at the desk of my family's computer. Then the most cringiest thing I did was saying suicidal stuff that was should I live or not and I'm supriesed,every one said no and B said yes, so I began to talk a lot of crap to him and he fired back at me mature enough,then what did was that I reply the most stupid thing in my life,I began to bring up religious stuff and turns out he was an atheist this whole time! Later on she looked and unblocked me and I told her sorry and E forgived me and we're still friends now,yaayyy! So later on time went by and my mother actually caught me talking to e and she ask who i she? And I said a friend from school and she didn't care anyways. (Sorry mom,lol.) few months later I saw that B and E broke up because they were arguing a lot and I got pissed a lot because B was the one that started this. So I made a serious hate threat to him and I'm actually suprised he didn't responded to me because he blocked me n all. Alright enough about him,let's move on. So there was a art stealer who copy's someone's art and paints it green though and I got really mad a lot when I saw E's drawing was copied,so i start to comment on one of his fake drawings because he was continuing stealing him. I forgot his name too so I'm gonna call him Mr.shitchild, idk why though. Anyways I told him to stop stealing arts because it ain't fair to everyone that thinks they draw it but not him. So he stole mine and I was into a rage mode and spamming it delete it,and I saw another mr.shitchild defending this dick for nothing,so me and my friends ignored both and moved on. Ok I think I'm done doing part 1 because it's late in the night and idk why I'm doing this in 1:30 in the morning so, I wish you all the best of luck from god and too the old friends I have,im sorry I mentioned you from my confessions. Welp that's it for now,thanks for reading and il see you all next time!
well guy's, the deadmau5Nstuff page is longer gonna be my account no more. this one gets me bored alot and not know what to upload. il have this as my backup account if anything happens to the new one.
thanks again,fuck the old account, and have a good day.


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hello,and welcome to my deviantART Account,where i post my Art and sumbit it,i make drawing's,sprites and make base's, if you want to know more about me please comment bellow.thank you and have a nice life.



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I think I know who you are...
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Hello, Deadmau5Nstuff! I'm Club-Dreamiverse (autistic 18-year old big-hearted dreamer)! How was your day? Also, here's a link to Cartoon Network's creative Animate Your World ads:…
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I draw the ball dance outfits for Comet and Marcai
Comets Ball Outfit 
Comet second ball oufit 
Marcais Ball Outfit 
Deadmau5Nstuff Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2016  Student General Artist
there pretty good. i mostly like marcia's though.
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Thanks and I had a very hard time to work with it
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